Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why common man need black money, post demonetization?

Demonetization by Modi government will surely be a historical move that will be remembered for long. Since 70 years of independent, congress regime has never taken any such bold steps against corruption but only made false promise to fool people of Bharat (India). As I am not an economist, it is very difficult for me to predict the outcome of demonetization. However all Bharitye and I, appreciate Modi government for at least taking a bold step against corruption and black money.

No doubt, demonetization will encourage people to use plastic money/ cheque hence transparency on financial transaction will increase which will also lead to stunning tax collection.

The worry is, even after 22 days of demonetization, due to non-functioning of most of the ATM’s and most of the banks run short of cash, Bhartiye has to face problem for another next 10-15 days. I and other Bhartiye still stand in support of Modi government and urge other Bhartiye to do so.

However demonetization will bring massive disaster for poor and middle class Bhartiye (Indians) in long term. I am not taking about instant chaos and inconvenience caused to public by demonetization but I am worried about later stage.

It’s a nightmare that poor and middle class has to pay compulsively bribe for their survives in every step of life. And the challenge is from where do we get this black money to pay bribe? Let me explain by giving some examples:
  1. Roadside, Most of the poor do business in handcarts to support their spouse and children. Everyone knew that the representatives of local police station collect bribe everyday from these poor and hard workers Bhartiye. Without paying bribe, it is difficult to run the business in handcarts. How these poor people will arrange black money to pay bribe?
  2. With due respect, standard of government schools and colleges are not up to the mark. Parents from small towns and villages are force to pay bribe in the name of donation to get their children admission in good school/colleges. How the parents from small towns and villages will arrange black money to pay bribe/donation?
  3. Modi government had launched and promoting many scheme for farmers, on the other hand, without paying bribe, beneficiary can’t claim any benefits/subsidy offered by government. How poor farmer will arrange black money to pay bribe?
  4. Modi government encourages young Bharitye for entrepreneurship, on the other hand, without paying bribe, we don’t even get basic TIN registration for firms. How Bhartiye will arrange black money to pay bribe?
  5. Modi government encourages and promotes import export business, on the other hand, without paying bribe, custom officers will not clear even a single consignment. How Bhartiye will arrange black money to pay bribe?
  6. Sales tax officer, income tax officer, food officer and many officers of other department harass and loot truck driver, truck owner and goods owner unnecessarily in highway. It is impossible to get rid from government officers without paying bribe. How the truck driver, truck owner and goods owner will arrange black money to pay bribe?
  7. Most of the loans for Micro and small-scale industries don’t get sanction without paying bribe. From where the young entrepreneurs will arrange black money to pay bribe?
  8. Without paying bribe, it is unthinkable to get driving license. On contrary, those are not good in driving/riding get their driving license through driving school/agent. From where Bhartiye will arrange black money to pay bribe/donation?
  9. Another nightmare is getting a government job in Bharat (India). Everyone knows that without paying bribe, getting government job is just a dream. From where the poor parents will arrange black money to pay bribe?

Likewise examples are many and the list goes on.

Either Modi government should bring strict rules against corrupt officers or corrupt officer should start taking bribe in Cheque/plastic.

For sure, poor and middle class Bhartiye is going to suffer in long run. Question is how Modi government is going to handle the situation? If Modi government doesn’t act accordingly, before time, situation may even get worsen.

Note: Gimmickry and hypocrite Arvind Kejriwal, Congress party, Communist party and other anti-national party, this article is not for you and never refer or use this article as a tool for your political gain.

I am a proud Bharitye (Indian) and a proud disciple of my spiritual guru, born in middle class family; hence I understand the problem of poor and middle class Bharitye. I am just trying to share the problem with you all that we are going to face in coming days.

You all are welcome to counter my views and do share your suggestion/feedback.

Athish Ravikanth

Monday, March 23, 2015

Leaders win, Micro-managers suck

Do you feel your communication with employees had deteriorating, limiting and straining?
Do you feel your staff started ignoring you?
Have employees stopped offering input or suggestions to solve problems that arise?
Did your staff are no longer willing to make sacrifice because you have kept all power and responsibility?
Did your staff lost their interest?
Did your staff suddenly quit and join another company?
Is your staff are de-motivated, low morale and stop taking initiatives?
Did your staff’s productivity have come down?

If the answer is “yes” for two or more questions then you are the defaulter and culprit for being a micro-manager. 

Are you Shock? Yes! You are guilty and not your staff.

Let’s understand who is a micro-manager.

Micro-manager (Team leader, Manager, Managing Director, Partner or other designated persons) involve himself in every small work his employees do, pay excessive attention to details, avoid delegation of task, constantly checking on them, directing each aspect of the work and unnecessarily monitoring every job assigned to the staff. He completely forgets the company’s objective by doing so and ruins everyone’s career including his.

Brainless micro-manager can’t be a leader because he spent most of his time in taking report on progress rather than making progress and counting miscellany.

Fathead micro-manager is completely unaware by his filthy working style which destroys the corporate culture, in result: staff decides to quit the job. Only a jackass feels that he is doing a great work in a structured way. Over the period he fails to meet the organization objectives.

Thickheaded micro-manager never gets time to think and focus on big picture because he always works on a lot of small thing that takes up all his time. Instead of his own task, he put staff’s work under the microscope to keep a laser-sharp focus on each and every move. With such absurdity of micro-manager, no company had ever grown.

Be a LEADER by allowing freedom and flexibility for staff to get their job done. Penetrating each and every move after assigning task will only irritate to others.

Few examples will prove that you are a Micro-manager:

·         You are always busy and loaded with work which you can’t handle because you fail to delegate it.
·         You frequently change or reverse the assign task.
·         You dictate each and every small task and leave no space for employees to explore their talent.
·         Always eager to know minute thing like what employees is doing all the time instead of focus on big pictures.
·         Your employees avoid you.
·         Your stringent behavior doesn't allow flexibility for employees to contribute their ideas and creativity.
·         Only you want to approve each and everything.
·         You feel that you are the only right person and you alone can to do right thing.
·         You drown in the entire task assigned to others.
·         You fail to delegate work.
·         You don’t allow others to take decision.
·         You always expect employees to report regularly on miscellany and you indulge in monitoring which is least important.
·         You ignore the experience and knowledge of employees.
·         You spend considerable amount of time showing employees how to do a job correctly by specifically telling them what to do.
·         You get irritated when your employees take decision without consulting you.
·         Instead of empowering employees you prefer to direct employees.
·         You spend most of your time in business operation instead of planning for company’s growth.

Effects of micro-management
a)   Disengagement and low productivity
You will never understand the fire caught in your staff’s belly due to your micro-management. Your staff loses their enthusiasm, get demoralize and never contribute their creativity which also effects their engagement over the time.

No matter, for what good reason you micro-manage your staff but it ultimately effects your staff output and their job satisfaction. Your staff’s job is no longer challenging or fulfilling, if you constantly indulge in micro-management. Your staff feels like hell in your office and their situation becomes pathetic as they feel they aren't trusted and their ideas aren't valued. 

Ultimately this leads to poor performance and low productivity. Till your staff engage fully and enjoy his work, you won’t be able to get their performance.

This negative feeling will spread like virus among other staff. Staff feels better to keep quiet and never offer any suggestion and they even never wish to sacrifice by working long hours. Due to this hostile situation, chances are high when your staff become confused, angry and suddenly decide to quit because of a stressful environment.

So dear micro-manager, how effective you are in your own task, you always need to focus on big picture like organization’s strategy, competitor’s, financial situation and other aspects. 

Learn to empower staff, delegate the task, more important is to trust your staff before you fall in a pit.

b)   Low productivity
You never give freedom and flexibility to your staff to manage task by their own. You don’t trust your staff and also believe that you are the only one who can do all work in precise way. Hence you try your maximum to involve in all work of your staff. To ensure, you regularly check performance and offer an advice blend with criticism. Hence, unnecessarily you get overload and even your staff skill will never every grow.

This is called stupidity and completely mismanagement which effect overall company’s productivity.

What micro-manager has to do?
You should channelize the energies of your staff towards company’s objective and should wisely delegate the task.

Before you understand the steps to overcome from your behavior of “Micro-management”, first with honest, you must acknowledge that you are a micro-manager and you cannot do all the work by yourself.

Second, communicate with your employee, understand their strength and weakness and accordingly delegate the work. While leading, sometime unknowingly we stop delegating, start editing and digging others work instead of stepping back and finding different and creative way to improve the work by proper delegation and empowering employees.

Third, encourage employee engagement. There are employees with disengagement who work only for their bread and butter, won’t take any risk, do minimum necessary work and care only for their salary. There are also employees with high engagement always trying to work hard, tend to be more productive and execute assigned task in effective way.
The best way to engage an employee is by empowers them. Assign the task with clear objectives and then let the employee take initiative.

At last, step back and take a deep breath. Trust your employees. Encourage their participation in the company's success. In short, give them an opportunity to grow and flourish, without being stifled by your constant hovering. Allow them to be creative and productive on their own terms.

Stepping back also gives you a better view of the overall big picture. This allows you to spend time in planning and concentrate on high-value task which leads to achieve company’s objective after delegating work to employees.

Free yourself and guide your organization in the direction that you and the company want it to go.

Be like a pilot of a plane rather than a cabin crew. Being a pilot if you start attending passenger like a cabin crew, for sure you are going to crash the plane. Not others, but you will be the sole responsible if it happen.

This is how leader’s work and produce better result without any stress.

Quotes from key people
“Most leaders do too much,” Murnighan says. “And when they do, they’re seen as micromanagers.” -- Murnighan

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out.” – Ronald Reagan

Stay in touch for my next article on delegating the task.